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Closed launches a new eco denim line

“A better blue” collection for a greener future

The German denim brand Closed introduces “A BETTER BLUE“, a capsule collection that offers authentic, deep blue jeans that are produced in a very environmentally friendly way. Thanks to cutting-edge techniques, the jeans production is now cleaner and more sustainable – for a better blue. Lavishly washed out jeans are always a trend. What we often forget is that they are bad for the eco-balance. The dyeing methods, dyes and chemicals that are traditionally used for bleaching, generate an extremely high water consumption and also pollute the environment. 

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Closed cleans up the jeans production

Closed is a step ahead when it comes to safeguarding traditions, continuing innovations, setting new standards. At the center of “A BETTER BLUE” are ecological washing and dyeing methods ensuring that 50 percent less water, 25 percent less energy, and 65 percent fewer chemicals are used, compared to conventional means. The Hamburg-based brand has succeeded in improving three aspects of jeans production so that the result is a perfectly fashionable and environmentally friendly product. This starts with the coloring. Here, Closed collaborates with the Italian company Candiani, which has developed the so-called Kitotex technology. The dyeing works with the help of a polymer derived from shrimp trays that is significantly more water-efficient than conventional processes. In addition, the washings are no longer achieved with the help of chlorine, stones or potassium permanganate, but by bio-enzyme washes, laser and ozone treatments and ice blasting – all significantly water-saving procedures than usual in the market. Thanks to the independent evaluation system EIM (Environmental Impact Measuring Softwear) from the company Jeanologia, the influence of the jeans on the environment is constantly monitored and must fall into the category “low environmental impact”. Faithful to its “Made in Italy” tradition, “A BETTER BLUE” jeans are 100% manufactured in Italy. Woven in Lombardy’s Robecchetto, finished in the Marche region, and washed in Veneto. The reduced transport distances within Europe represent an even further step towards a greener, better future.

Pedal Pusher blue denim © PR

Britney Blue Denim © PR

Pedal Pusher Blue Denim © PR

“A BETTER BLUE” delivers a clear message: trend and eco-awareness can go hand in hand. The collection has eight different models in several washes and is already available in stores and Online. Don’t miss out the chance to wear it and protect the environment at the same time! 

Text: Margaux Lombard, October 17th 2018

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