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This Esprit black skinny is made with organic cotton © FAP

How to – wear skinny denim right now

Make use of Esprit’s more organic offering

The skinny jeans has established itself as a classic not deterred by temporary trends. If you’ve grown fond of the leg-hugging style we have a few suggestions of how to wear the timeless style this fall. To showcase contemporary fits we’ve teamed up with global brand Esprit who are offering styles that fit snuggly and use organic cotton or recyceled fabric as part of their denim fabric. We’ve sat down with the Head of Denim, Towie Vaughns, a while ago to dicuss Esprit’s comittment to a more sustainable production and as part of that we also testdrove their organic denim selection. Here’s our top 3 and how to style it:

1. The black skinny denim

The “Basic Stretch Jeans with Organic Cotton” are made from black stretch denim dyed in midnight black. They have a medium rise and the party organic fabric has a soft finnish. I personally like them best when worn as a French classic: In combination with pointy ballet flats and a wool or cashmere sweater. It’s the perfect style to transistion into fall with as you can still sport naked feet but pile multiple layers on top to keep warm. If a wool sweater or cashmere rollneck is not enough, add a duster coat or trench coat. Complete this look with nail polish in a classic shade of red and walk just like a Parisian.

Black skinny jeans with organic cotton © PR

Team yours with a grey sweater and ballerinas © FAP

How to replace your leggins with skinny jeans

Gone are the days when denim was a sturdy fabric and nothing but. It was made to last and the perfect work gear but not really the stuff you’d wear to lounge around in your home. These days thank to the help of stretch fabrics such as lycra and a more finely woven denim fabric, skinny jeans can feel almost as comfortable as a pair of leggins. All while looking more dressed up and less couch potatoe-ish. Now that the days are getting shorter and darkness falls at what feels like 3:30 pm keep your pair of black skinnies on when you laze about on your sofa.

Fits comfortably like a leggins but is made from sturdy and soft denim © FAP

A close look at the dark skinny jeans by Esprit © PR

2. How to wear denim from head to toe

Denim has long established itself as a wearable choice at almost every occasion, whether it’s work, a gallery opening, the playground, or getting your garden in shape for autumn and winter. That’s if you went for either denim pants or a denim shirt. Pair the two together – or add a denim jacket in the mix and the reception used to be wildly different: If you paired a denim jacket with denim pants you were most likely channeling the musician / subcultural look, especially if your look included boots as well. And if you opted for a denim shirt and denim pants the association was mostly cowgirl / Western chick.

The Western Chick association is gone

These days those rules don’t apply anymore and wearing a pair of skinny jeans, like the “Super Stretch with Organic Cotton” by Esprit, together with another denim piece of your choice isn’t coined to anything specific anymore. Which means you can wear comfortable denim all around and still look on trend. The key here is to select the right accessories: Go for sturdy cowboy boots and a matching leather clutch with minimalistic design if you’d like to chanel the noveau Western look that Raf Simons is going for these days. Pair delicate flats and jewelry if you’re in for a more feminine take and if you’d like to go French (again) put on some high heels with your skinny jeans, make sure to unbutton the top two buttons of your shirt and tie your hair up in a messy bun.

A medium blue wash that uses as little water as possible © PR

Go for denim from head to toe © FAP


3. How to go true blue all the way

If you like to keep things pure and authentic then deep blue indigo is for you. After all that’s the orginial shade of denim, the one that’s associated with the first pairs of denim as well as with James Dean and Marlon Brando wearing denim and giving its its rebellious appeal for decades to come. I personally like dark indigo on my skinny jeans as it’s a little softer than pure black. And it goes really well with the small rib knit sweaters that are trending right now. Just tuck it in, add your favorite pair of trainers or a cute leather loafer and you’re good to go.

How to make your skinny denim last

Especially with the darker dyes one of the key questions is how to preserve these. Of course there is nothing wrong with a pair of well worn and faded vintage jeans, but a deep blue indigo hue, like the “Stretch Jeans with Organic Cotton” by Esprit, looks best when it’s as infintely blue as the night sans the stars. The number one rule in preserving its original color is to wash your denim as little as you possibly can. I highly recommend air-washing and suggest you check out our little tutorial right here. If you ever feel like you absolutely have to wash your skinny jeans opt for as low a temperature as possible and add a cup of vinegar instead of detergent. Don’t worry about the odor, it will vanish as soon as the jeans dry. The less you wash, the less water you waste and the longer your indigo skinny jeans will last!

Preserve this very dark indigo hue by using airwash only © FAP

Close up of the dark indigo skinny © PR


This Esprit skinny fits like hand in glove © PR

Yellow stitches on Esprit’s dark indigo skinny © FAP


Words: Alex Bohn

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