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Pretty heady stuff

How to dress your head in style

Everything comes and goes – and this is what we have learned with hair accessories as well this season. What used to be old and uncool is new and cool again. Just think about hair clips, snappy clips, hairbands, headscarfs and pompon wollen caps. There’s so much good stuff out there! All sort of hair accessories that once wouldn’t have left the bathroom or your gym class are now a major beauty statement (just look at the fall 2018 and summer 2019 runways). More than just being old school,  these hair pieces are functional, too. Get your shopping bag ready: these are the essential hair accessories to have on your head for fall 2018.

Light fare: scrunchies and pins

These ’90s hair accessories have made a major comeback, but only if you wear them in the right way. Scrunchies are versatile – there are some that you only were at home, but then there are scrunchies made to be shown off to the outside world. Forget about the old ones and instead pick a fuzzy texture, fun print or even with some glittery embellishments. There are the scrunchies you wear at home while washing your face, and then there are the scrunchies just begging to be shown off to the world. Leave the ratty ones at home and instead pick a scrunchie in a stark white, fuzzy texture, fun print, or with glittery embellishments. Jennifer Behr’s headpieces are the most luxurious headpieces available on the market today. Each season, she artfully incorporates a range of materials to create unique heirloom-quality pieces, carefully constructed by hand in New York City. Everything is made from start to finish in a network of workshops throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, and is finished in the Greenpoint, Brooklyn studio. Hair staples are also a must have, if you do it the right way. Don’t pile them on—simply wear two matching clips snapped alongside your temple to part your hair! LELET NY offers a wide range of hair hair clips, all designed and fabricated by hand in their NYC studio. 

Ashish A/W 18 © instagram/ashsh


JENNIFER BEHR Silk-satin hair tie © PR

ARIANA BOUSSARD-REIFEL Phyta silver hairclip © PR

LELET NY Gold-plated faux pearl hairclip © PR

Demi fare: Headbands

Like a tradition, headbands are the most widely used hair accessories this winter seasons as well, sometimes coming as heavily ‘90s inspired, while other times looking princess-y with sparkling crystal embellishments. This look has just started and is only getting more popular. Most of all, it’s easy, convenient and flattering.  Bold or patterned, there really are no rules! Hair all up or done, fringe in or out – you can get creative as mush as you want! Fold the scarf length wise to make it like a 3cm band, place the middle at the nap of the head, and bring it around the perimeter of the hairline and tie at the front of your hairline above the forehead. You can tie or make a little bow, pulled it around to the side. 

Tom Ford A/W 18 © instagram/tomford


Gucci headband © PR


JENNIFER BEHR Braided velvet headband © PR

Gucci velvet turban © PR



Heavy fare: beanies and caps

Caps, beanies and fedoras are always a good idea to style up your look and they are the perfect solution for any bad hair day! Very few things are as practical as a hat and we don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function. There is a hat for every season, and the new fall and winter seasons will be packed with options. Beanies are a classic, must have and the most functional for the upcoming cold season. There are plenty of versions, with fun animal versions, logos and funky colors. Any and every aesthetic can find the perfect beanie for their wardrobe! Baseball caps are the perfect versatile, sporty-chic accessory and this season they are going to revolutionize your closet. They are lightweight, can be worn with a high ponytail and practically any outfit. Gabriela Hearst minimalist, classy cap can be worn with more elegant outfits as well. 

Calvin Klein 205W37NYC © instagram/doutzen


Acne Studios © PR

Gabriela Hearst Cashmere baseball cap © PR

Stella McCartney © PR

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