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Try this – how to keep your summer tan

Orange and bronze news to stay in the endless summer mood

The time to get ready for the perfect tan is almost over. Fall is around the corner and our summer tan is slowly fading. There are some little additions to your beauty routine that could help you to keep your summer tan for a bit longer. As usual, this is one of the toughest season with dry and congested skin. Using exfoliating treatments to your beauty routine is one of the solution you were looking for (you can even try some DIY masks!). There is no better way to clear clogged pores and even out skin tone than with a mask formulated with chemical exfoliants. Think alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids. The former are hydrophilic, meaning they have an affinity to water and can break the bonds that attach dead skin cells to healthy skin, while the latter are lipophilic, meaning they have an affinity for the oils clogging your follicles and help clear your pores. There are several (maybe even too many) exfoliating masks on the market, each of them promising a dream skin.

The solution to a forever tan face

After trying several ones I have been using the same for a few years now and I can only recommend it: the REN Skincare Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask.This four fruit-acid complex formula (pineapple, passion fruit, lemon, and grape) removes dead skin cells to renew your complexion, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and combating blackheads and blemishes. 

REN Skincare Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask


Ilia’s ‘Sway’ illuminator is also something you should add to your beauty draw. It has a burnished bronze hue that will impart a healthy, sun-kissed glow. Use it to contour your face and cheekbones, or blend it into your eyelids to subtly highlight. Made with 100% natural dye, it’s super gentle on the skin. The Hampton Sun’s ‘Bronze Cooling Spray’ is the perfect way to revive lackluster skin. Formulated with soothing Aloe Vera and calming Chamomile, it hydrates and leaves behind a subtle shimmer. Infused with the brand’s signature ‘Privet Bloom’ fragrance, this mist is refreshing and revitalizing,

Ilia beauty

Hampton Sun

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