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The ugly sneakers trend © instagram/pernilleteisbaek

How to make the Ugly Sneaker trend wearable

The model that actually looks good

The Ugly Sneaker is still here. In this era where feminine dress and high hells have been replaced by streetwear and comfort, the latest sneaker trend is stronger than ever. The first time I saw those Balenciaga sneakers – I have to admit it – I was horrified. In my mind I was thinking “What is going on here? Please let this trend not survive more than six months”. I guess I was wrong and I also started understanding it, a little bit. Well, now it’s official – it looks like this trend is not going anywhere. There are opposite opinions about these sneakers because they are rather different from the slim, elegant styles some are used to wear. They may look  “ugly”, but designers and sportswear brands have studied well the shoes’ performance (I might think – at least one good thing).  

Kendall Jenner

My aesthetic is still not convinced 100% by them, so after some research I found a good compromise – the Acne Studios Steffey sneakers. Crafted from supple leather, this classic pair has Velcro®-fastening straps and the brand’s signature emoji face on the chunky rubber sole. They are perfect with feminine silhouettes for an androgynous mix! 

Acne Studios © PR

Acne Studios © PR


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