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It’s going swimmingly

How to pack lightly for your summer vacay

I always bring way too much when going on a summer vacay, actually any vacation to be honest. When headed for the sunny beach I will bring sweaters and jackets ‘In case it gets cold in the evening’ and have even gone so far as to bring a woolen beany when headed for the Mediterranean (ahem).  I do envy more carefree travellers who pack lightly and seem just fine with it (as in: the rest of my family) and this post is compiled in their spirit: It sums up the bare neccessities of what you need when headed for the beach.

That’s why it’s called bikini TOP

When packing for a day at the beach in the morning I tend to fill my strawbag to the brim: Sun lotion, sunglasses, book, beach towel, sweater – in case it gets cold –, visor or straw hat – in case there’s no umbrella to hide under –, a bikini to change into, a water bottle, eye drops, cookies, crisps, water melon, carrots, lip balm – at this point you get the idea. If I could I’d schlepp the holiday villa straight to the beach. Of course non of that is called for. If you’d like to go basic I suggest you go for a bikini by lovely Berlin based brand Anekdot and wear the top as what it is: An actual top. Combine it with these juicy linen wide legged pants by Faithful The Brand, a brand based in Indonesia that has each piece hand-dyed, printed and made by local artisans. Do of course hang on to the sun lotion, water, towel and cookies. But lose all the rest, I think it actually works without compromising an ounce of style.

Anekdot bikini top © PR

Faithful from Indonesia © PR

Bikini bottom by Anekdot © PR

Undies anyone?

One reason I like the Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok is that it has the nicest changing rooms by the pool. No need to put on your bikini before you head for the pool – get changed cofortably just before taking a dip. Then again: If you wear your swimwear instead of your undies you’ve less baggage to carry around. So why don’t you try matching a chic monochrome swimsuit with an easy sunddress or playdress like the ones by Ethiopian brand LemLem on your next summer vacay?

Beach dress by LemLem © PR

Bathing Suit by Rendl © PR

Playsuit by LemLem © PR

Going shirtless

If you decide to skip getting changed befor you go for a swim you might as well flaunt a bathing suit as nice as this flowery affair by Stella McCartney. It works extremely well with a more minimal piece like the silk pants by Greek designer Elena Makri who produces her lovely design in small patches and locally. Let me know if you manage to go all basic and send me a postcard from your summer vacay!

Flowery Power swimsuit by Stella McCartney ©PR

Chill silk pants by Elena Makri © PR

Top by LemLem © PR


Words: Alex Bohn, July 11th 2018

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