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Adidas and skatebrand Palace have an all white Wimbledon collection © PR

Are you ready for Wimbledon?

Style lessons from the world’s best manicured courts

The world’s oldest and most stylish tennis tournament – Wimbledon –  is going into –literally – full swing and we’re taking a moment to examine how its dress code makes it so very stylish. Because Wimbledon does not only attract a positively gorgeous crowd, it also has, what’s virtually disappeard from public life: A super strict dresscode. Ever since it first took place in 1877 it’s hung on to the idea that tennis is a “white sport” and you can only play the perfectly manicured lawn if you’re dressed in white from head to toe.


Andrea Petkovic wearing all white © @andreapetkovici

Tennis Top by Adidas by Stella McCartney © PR

The Stan Smith by Adidas © PR

Skirt by Adidas © PR


So forget all the neon hued, eye-bruning outfits that we see at the other Grand Slam tournaments. The Brits won’t have any of that nonsense. And while it might sound very old-fashioned it definitely makes for the best-dressed tennis players. No matter whether it’s Spanish Garbine Muguruza, German Andrea Petkovic or Danish Caroline Woznicacki – they all look perfectly poised and well-dressed when sticking with all white outfits.

Opt for the Stan Smith to show your Wimbledon style off-court

Even if you don’t play tennis you can adopt the immaculate style of the tournament. One of th ebest examples for showing off your Wimbledon-attitude off-court is the Stand Smith by Adidas. It’s one of the original tennis sneakers Adidas first issued in 1963 to first name it after French tennis player Robert Haillet but replace the name with Stan Smith, the number one player when Haillet retired. The Stan Smith has risen to fashion name thanks to American designer Marc Jacobs wearing it himself in the early aughts and then countless designers and celebrities designing their own version of the original white sneaker with its small green detailing. The Stan Smith goes well with any kind of outfit and has become a true fashion classic. Wear yours with a little white dress for maximum Wimbledon appeal or pair it with your favorite denim and t-shirt.

Hoodie by Adidas by Stella McCartney ©PR

Stan Smith by Adidas © PR

Visor by Adidas © PR


Garbine Muguruza at last years Wimbledon © @garbimurguruza


British designer Stelly McCartney has teamed up with Adidas for a collection of sportswear and dressed many of last years Wimbledon players. As always her style is precise and clean with an ounce of quirk. As the Wimbleon dress code has been modified ever so slightly you’re now allowed to have the tiniest colorful details such as a pastel colored brim to your visor or maybe even yello wstripe at the side of your skorts. If you’re taking this look off-court go for an all-white outfit and mix it up with some colorful accessories.


Caroline Wozniacki © @carowozniacki

TShirt by Adidas by Stella McCartney © PR

Stan Smith with embroideries © PR

Shorts by Adidas © PR


Words: Alex Bohn

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