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This backpack by Anke Runge is one of our 10 4 2 products © @anke.runge.berlin

10 for 2

2 days of lovely weekend, 10 products to make it last

Every weekend lasts two days. Max, that is. From now on we’ll find ten products for the two days of the weekend that will make it last longer. For this first edition my motto is “Sweet, short summer nights” and I’m selecting all the stuff that I think is perfect company for those endless dusk evenings that turn into bright early mornings before I’ve even decided what side to sleep on.


The chic backpack

I’m not the clutch kind of woman. Because where would I leave my sweater and woolen scarf – see above – if all I brought was a tiny clutch. This backpack by Anke Runge Berlin is chic enough to pass for a tote or shopper and roomy enough to fit my, um, essentials. It’s made from organic cow hide which is a rare thing so be quick.

The More Molecules Serum by The Ordinary © PR

The More Molecules Serum by The Ordinary

I need a lot of sleep to function properly. Long evenings and short nights quickly take a toll on how I feel – and look. This serum by The Ordinary helps to hydrate the skin. As the concentration of hyaluronic acids is pretty high I can only take a drop mixed in with my usual night cream. If used with caution it does a nice job and I appreciate how all of The Ordinary products are free of parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, animal oils, benzalkonium chloride, coal tar dyes, formaldehyde, mercury and oxybenzone.


An easy blouse by Philomena © PR

The PJ-Party-Blouse

The trend of wearing your pyjamas during the day is sticking around for good reason: It’s a welcome distraction from wearing the usual suspects that – for me – are white t-shirts, mens shirts and the occasional frilly thang. This blouse by Philomena Zanetti is buttoned in the back which makes for a nice ventilation during the bunch of djungle nights we get in Berlin once in a while. It’s made from organic cotton but you needn’t bring out the iron to keep it crisp – it’s dry clean only anyways.



Silk scarf by Talented © PR

The silk scarf

I get cold easily. Soon as the sun sets and the slightest of breezes hits, I’m digging around for a sweater or a scarf. I honestly drag around woolen scarfs during midsummer and have my friends laughing at me (until they get cold as well and envy me for the rest of the night). This silky scarf by Talented here is a less heavyweight alternative and I like it’s simple and chic design.


The Vans Sneaker © PR

The Vans Sneaker

You may rightly ask yourself why I’m adding a Vans product to this selection. It’s not made from organic materials and they aren’t transparent about their production. But I have been wearing my black and white Sk8Hi’s for the last five years at least four times a week and they are still as good as new. I can say that this is a product that lasts. For way longer than a summer night, weekend or even summer.




Words: Alex Bohn






















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