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Why it’s always rhubarb season for the perfect shopper

Hint: Vegetal tanning by Deepmello

German brand Deepmello has risen to the challenge of providing us with the perfect summer bag, by designing this its cognac-colored shopper made from rhubarb-tanned suede leather. During summer you need a carry-all bag more than ever – there’s the waterbottle you need to schlepp around, the book to read on a bench in the shade, your bikini in case there’s a pool opportunity around the corner, not to mention a sweater to fight the blazing ac, sunscreen to maintain your yourthful looks and a watermelon, just in case.

The Deepmello bag in cognac © PR

That’s a great carry-all bag © PR

Team Green © PR


It’s roomy without feeling like you’re dragging around too much – think the great but hilarious Céline poof of earlier seasons – and fits pretty much any occasion. Aside from its timeless good looks it’s also a stunner when it comes to production ethics. Deepmello, a brand that’s been conceived by Ann-Christin Bannsleben, who has a degree in ecotrophology, specialices in rhubard-tanned bags and accessories and thus avoids all the negative side-effects of chrome tanning. And ever since she started her brand some eight years ago she’s improved the technique to where her leather is just as supple and durable as conventinally tanned ones.

The Deepmello Shoulder bag is available here and if you’d rather have it in a blue hue or are feeling green that’s available as well!



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