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M.i.h Jeans introduces the Paradise capsule

When style meets sustainability

The London based denim brand Made in Heaven, knows as M.i.h Jeans was re-launched in 2006 by Chloe Lonsdale. The brand already established itself in the ’70s and played a fundamental role in the denim revolution at the time. With an attitude and authority built on five decades of denim experience, the London based label is known for its cult jeans and confident, lo-fi ready-to-wear – a uniform for the modern girl.

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The brand’s ethos has always been to source responsibly, to buy the best quality fabrics and to be conscious. This is why they have put sustainability at the heart of their business today. M.i.h Jeans is a member of the Alliance for Responsible Denim, an international cross industry alliance with the aim to make the denim industry cleaner and smarter, through creating benchmarking guidelines and standards, starting with wet processing and post consumer recycled denim. They focus on raw materials, where 50% of the cotton in the jeans comes from more sustainable sources, including organic and BCI. They work with two denim laundries to wash the jeans, with a focus on impact reduction. Many jeans are finished using an innovative laser technology eliminating the use of chemicals and water during treatment. 

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This week they launched the Paradise capsule – a new exploration in denim designed to contribute to a more sustainable industry. The Capsule consists of five denim styles in a new responsible denim, specially developed for M.i.h Jeans in partnership with ISKO, the only denim mill in the world to be awarded the EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan Ecolabel environmental certifications. The denims are made with organic cotton, ensuring no chemicals were used in the cotton farming process. The denim has a raw indigo wash to ensure the least amount of water-wastage, and to reduce environmental impact as far as possible. Trims include recycled polyester badges, and recycled paper hangtags.

The Paradise capsule is a statement of our future. From June 2018, M.i.h Jeans will make transparent their supply chain and make clear their sustainability goals. No new garment can ever be fully sustainable but they will continue to reduce their impact through pioneering innovation and progress in sustainable fashion, by closing the loop within their own business through the introduction of a jeans recycling service for customers, and by continuing to advocate for change.

Text: Margaux Lombard, June 5th 2018

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