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H&M and its sustainability report

H&M Conscious Exclusive is changing consumer behaviour

Fast fashion has become part of our cultures. Wherever you like it or not H&M, Zara and the rest have been dictating in their own way fashion and our way of shopping for the last twenty years. The Swedish colossal H&M has been at the center of attention and critics several times for their extremely low prices, production ethics and so on. Our planet provides us with an abundance of natural resources. However, global demands are rapidly outstripping supply. If population growth continues as expected, the volume of clothes sold across the world will triple to 160 million tonnes by 2050. This level of demand would require the equivalent of 2.3 planets’ worth of resources. In other words, the fashion industry is running out of the natural resources it uses to make products and cannot continue to operate in the same way. The H&M group believes that an industry-wide shift from a linear to a circular business model is the only solution.

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H&M is committed to create fashion and quality at a great price in a sustainable way. To do this, the group is responsible for the efficient and effective running of its own value chain. The value chain describes the full sequence of processes involved in the production and lifespan of all their products, from product ideation to customer use and disposal. As stated in their 2017 Sustainability Report, their vision and strategy are built on three key ambitions. First, leading the change – including promote and scale innovation, drive transparency and reward sustainable actions. Second, being 100% circular and renewable. This means having a circular approach to how products are made and used, work only with recycled or other sustainably sourced materials. Finally, being 100% equal and fair, which includes fair jobs for all and stewards for diversity and inclusiveness. 

The seventh H&M Conscious Exclusive collection consists of lavishly crafted women’s fashion, lingerie, shoes and accessories that combine strength and softness. This year, along with organic linen, organic cotton, organic silk, TENCEL ™ and recycled polyester, H&M introduces two new materials: recycled silver and ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated nylon fiber made from fishnets and other nylon waste. Inspired by summer and floral gardens, the collection features stunning floral jacquards, abstract embroidery and prints. There are several statement pieces, such as a long, sleeveless ECONYL® dress with organic cotton embroidery and a long dress in a metallic-green floral jacquard made from recycled polyester. A black floral jacquard pants suit with a slit at the back of the blazer and a cropped flared leg for a modern touch. Overall, the color palette consists of shades of green, white and black with notes of dark blue and powder pink. Accessories include delicate yet eye-catching tulip motif jewelry made from recycled silver, elegant satin slip-ons crafted from recycled polyester, beautifully printed scarves in a TENCEL ™ blend, and a fine pouch decorated with recycled plastic beads and sequins .


Text: Margaux Lombard, April 17th 2018

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