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The fanny pack has never been so cool and we just love it!

The official come back of fanny packs

While 2018 is the year of big bags and oversize items, it also looks like belt bags or fanny pack are trending again – I guess the way you name them might depend from your generation! The fanny pack trend has experienced many comebacks since its famous look of the ’80s, but this summer they have slowly been reclaiming their status as a luxe option for a hands-free life. Just think about Gucci logo belt bag, Salvatore Ferragamo, Fila’s push for wearing your belt bag over the shoulder, and Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel spring’ 16 runway… fanny packs are are possible again! Don’t get too nostalgic or excited – forget neon colors and paddings. The chic version of fanny packs this summer is all about more leather and structured. They are more versatile than ever before, perfect through denim belt loops or hanging low on a summer dress. Already spotted during fashion weeks and on fashionistas, this trend has already big fans all over the world. If you are still not 100% convinced, here some good reasons that might change your mind and help you to embrace the trend.


If you had this image in your mind of fanny packs and track suits, well here some news: this iconic bag is not a sporty piece only. The leather or suede styles can be perfect for a formal look such as a suit or a dress. Furthermore, they are extremely versatile due to the adjustable strap. You can wear them around your waist, over the shoulder or cross-body style. Finally, and maybe the most interesting part, it will keep your hands free all day long!

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Text: Margaux Lombard, April 4th 2018

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