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Veja x Deyrolle © Instagram/veja

With Veja spring is not far away!

The latest Veja collaboration with french cabinet of curiosities Deyrolle

Veja’s collaborations are like fashion weeks. Every year we know something will come up, never know what to really expect but we just love it! After the Flaneurz collaboration, this time the french sneakers brand has decided to team up with taxidermist Deyrolle for a limited edition serie.

These perfect summer sneakers are made in Brazil from organic materials and inspired by multicolored butterfly print from Deyrolle’s scientific drawings. The choice of butterflies is not random but a celebration of the connection between butterflies and the silk-making process. The collection is also focused on the future and innovation, as the silk is mixed with a sustainable material called Lyocell to make it more durable. Lyocell is a renewable material extracted from eucalyptus wood cellulose from sustainably managed forests in Austria. VEJA’s silk is 100% made in Brazil. A small family of producers raise the cocoons in the region of Parana. The yarn is dyed and woven in a high-end factory near São Paulo.

In fact, Veja is at the forefront when it comes to recycling materials and ethical production, and this collaboration is just another example of their commitment. The sneakers are made from a mix of silk and Lyocell, a sustainable material made out of eucalyptus, finished with the shoemaker’s signature wild Amazonian rubber and organic cotton. Veja sources materials directly from local producers in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, and stitches them together at a socially conscious factory in southern Brazil. It’s expensive and difficult and thus a rather unlikely business model. But it works well, due to its highly committed and inventive founders and their team. More so, it has helped earn Veja celebrity fans all over the world, such as Emma Watson, Marion Cotillard, Charlotte Gainsbourg and David Beckham. 




V – 10



Text: Margaux Lombard, March 20th 2018

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