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Maggie Marilyn is the new sustainable brand we’ve been waiting for

When beauty meets sustainability to create feminine garments

WHO… Maggie Marilyn is a New Zealand based fashion brand that launched in September 2016. A combination of strong tailoring and youthful charm, the Maggie Marilyn collections are delivered with a sense of confidence and modern luxury.

DOES WHAT… The Maggie Marilyn collections draw together the opulence of silk with utilitarian denims, drills and poplins creating textural combinations denoting new rules of modernity. Details of ties, pleats and ruching are held with fluidity. Hand selected fabrics from around the world and inspired silhouettes ensure that such luxury comes with a lightness of spirit. Marilyn’s twin dedications to versatility and practicality are what distinguish her label from its trendy competitors. A silk slip dress in a repp-tie stripe is sold with a ruffled sash: Sashless, it’s sleek and streamlined; with sash, it’s prime material for the street style photographers. Tailored blazers and shirts, meanwhile, are trimmed with rouleau buttons which march down hips or around shoulder seams. Unbuttoned, they create peplum flares and expose sexy flashes of skin. Another jacket comes with a removable pleated hem. Even more interesting from a practical standpoint are her experiments with ruffled silk habotai and denim, which she combined in a strapless dress and a zip-front jacket, both of which, believe it or not, are entirely machine washable.

Maggie Marilyn blazer

Maggie Marilyn satin camisole

Maggie Marilyn wide leg pants

…WHERE The Maggie Marilyn collections are consciously created in New Zealand with hand selected fabrics. Marilyn’s mission is to positively impact every person on the manufacturing chain.

AND HOW IS IT ETHICAL… Ambitious and passionate; Maggie is determined to not only make clothes for living beautifully but to also make a change for good in an industry that itself is reflecting on constant speculation regarding its ethical and environmental footprint; considering a living wage and attention to the impact on the environment to be basic necessities of the fashion business.

Maggie Marilyn silk satin skirt

Maggie Marilyn dress

Maggie Marilyn pants


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