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Try this: stay warm and cozy in Alpaca this winter

Sustainable and super cozy winter essentials

Whether on the American continent or in Europe, these weeks it has been all about the cold and drastic drop of temperatures. When you feel its so cold (and I am talking about -20 degrees or more) the last thing you want to do is go outside. All I can think about – it’s all over my mind – is hibernation. Well, unfortunately it looks like the cold is not going anyway anytime soon, so we better get prepared in style. If you’ve been waiting to stock up on cozy sweaters, now’s your chance!

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2017 has been a challenging year, including natural disasters and increasingly disturbing climate change denial from some governments 2018 should definitely be a greener year – especially concerning our behavior as consumers. We are heading into the second week of January, so our good intentions and optimism are still here – hopefully! If I you are thinking about running out to buy that cozy cashmere jumper you saw on sale last week, well you should wait a minute because despite its luxury associations, cashmere is shockingly bad for the environment. As demand for cashmere has increased over the years—especially for lower-priced cashmere—the quality has decreased, as well as the industry’s ethics. However, this isn’t anything new. The enormous herds of cashmere goats are overgrazing to the point where parts of Mongolia are becoming a desert, which threatens the other endangered species that live there. Nonetheless, we still think cashmere is rare and there are no decent substitutes. But, ladies and gentlemen, listen carefully, there is one: alpaca, the sustainable and natural fiber that’s just as soft as cashmere.

Ulla Johnson alpaca dress


Closed alpaca turtle neck

Eleven Six alpaca knit


It’s not as easy to find, perhaps because it actually is rare, but it beats cashmere in almost every category when it comes to sustainability. Alpaca fibers are incredibly soft, hypoallergenic, more durable and less likely to pill than cashmere. Unlike cashmere goats, alpacas don’t destroy the terrain when they graze, and they also produce more fluff. A single alpaca can grow enough wool to make four or five sweaters in one year, while it takes four goats one year to produce enough cashmere for one sweater. In other words, fewer alpacas do less damage and produce better results. 

Acne Studios alpaca turtle neck

Closed alpaca knit

Acne Studios alpaca scarf


Text: Margaux Lombard, January 9th 2018

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