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Try this – go easy on your skin

5 steps for an simple (and affordable) beauty routine

If we go by the myriad of recommendations and new products the beauty industry is throwing at us we need a lot of stuff to even maintain our good looks, let alone improve them. And they do make tempting offers with their unending supply of pretty new things in even prettier packaging advertised by dewy faced models. Deep down, though, we know: Less is really more (and if we don’t know the sudden resh, set of pimples or dry skin after trying the umptiest new product in a row should tell us so). So we decided to bring to you the bare necessities – a 5 step guide of what’s really needed for a beauty routine. It will have you looking bright and your wallet kinda full:

 1. Summer may go, but sunscreen stays

Protection is the base for an healthy skin. Many of us – me first – don’t grab the SPF up as often as we should. Whether it’s a sunny day in the middle of summer or below freezing in January, our skin needs that layer of protection to stay healthy. Even on cold and cloudy days, you should be applying SPF 30 or above on your face and neck to avoid sun damage.

2. Learn how to cleanse your face 

Every skin is different and can react in so many different ways to changes of weather and temperatures. It can take some times to find the right cleansing routine and products, but once you get them your skin will be forever grateful. I am addicted to the REN skincare products – they have amazing cleansers and toners.

3. Moisturize your skin

Constant dryness can trigger flaking, acne and general itch – especially in the winter when the air is extra dry. After you shower or cleanse your face immediately apply some lotion into your skin from head to toe, while the skin is still wet to help lock in moisture. According to the “soak and grease” method, you have a one-minute window for it to be most effective to seal the moisture into your skin.

4. Drink more water

Hydration plays a big role on our skin, especially if we talk about anti-aging. I am not a big fan of drinking a lot during the day, but my goal this year is to make myself hydrate more often—not just for my skin but also for my whole body. Reusable water bottles are always a good to carry in your bag so you will always have some water with you!

5. Try face yoga

There is nothing wrong with aging and wrinkles, all I know is that it’s never too early to prevent it! Forget about injections and botox or more sleep, less booze, green-tea-bag compresses, better concealer. This year it’s all about facial yoga for a forever young skin!


Text: Margaux Lombard, January 4th 2018

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