Product of the day – The Christmas-Sweater - Fair-a-Porter


Three is better than one: Fair-a-porter's Alex Bohn sports Anne Gorke's Christmas Sweater © FAP

Product of the day – The Christmas-Sweater

At the heart of Bauhaus, Weimar, Germany designer Anne Gorke got it right

Designer Anne Gorke is a true child of the Bauhaus tradition: The clothes she designs are unfussy, functional, made to last and exude an understated cool. She’s now put her mind on inventing the perfect christmas sweater and the result allows anyone who’s invited to a party with dress code “Christmas Sweater” to not look a fool. Gorke’s sweaters are made from a organic cotton jersey that’s both lightweight and warm and the stylized christmas trees with its lit candles looks 100% cool and zilch cheesy. (If red isn’t your color then here’s also a black one that sports a giant “W” as in the German word for Christmas, Weihnachten). If you’d like your own head straight to her shop.  

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