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Sportswear has never been so cool! © instagram/livetheprocess

Athleisure is growing up in style

Sportswear so good you want to wear it all day long

Sportswear has become a real thing during the last five years – a real trend on every side of the word. I am one of those girls you would call a sport freak – however I honestly don’t do it on purpose! I cannot deny the practicality and comfort of these garments and am the first one to enjoy them at their fullest. Aside from the comfort factor and the slimming (some of them have a sort of magic effect on your body!), I found out that another big reason why several of my girlfriends are living in their sportswear  is that it gives the impression that you are a person who takes care of herself. It’s good to know that people eat well, are dedicated to their health and maybe also know something about the environment. However, here comes the most important part: the clothes we wear to shoe an healthy images of ourselves to the outside world are often non that friendly to mother hearth. Mainstream sportswear are made form synthetic fibers, polyester that takes decades to decompose and dyes that can have detrimental effects on the environment. 

Adidas by Stella McCarteny ©

Stella McCartney’s collaboration with Adidas was probably one of the first to introduce sustainable sportswear and it has reached incredible progress in the last decade, introducing recycled fabrics, developing new fabrics and so on. Stella McCartney has definitely opened the market for sustainable sportswear and surprisingly there are a few small, good looking eco-friendly brands that are worth to know. 

Hey Honey Leggings

Hey Honey Sport Bra

Hey Honey leggings


Hey Honey is one of the first sustainable sportswear brands I came across a few months ago. Hey Honey is a yoga and activewear brand that fulfills the fashion and quality demands of modern yogis. Feminine, relaxed and functional are their core values. Its innovative and shaping material blend – highest-grade stretch jersey – act as a second skin and support each movement. The four-way stretch fabric allows for maximum freedom of movement – without losing its shape. All products are 100% free from animal-derived ingredients and „PETA – Approved Vegan“ by the official PETA organization, which means that fur, leather, feathers amongst other things are restricted to be used in the textile sector for production purposes. Hey Honey are committed to a fair and environmentally friendly production in Europe (all products are carefully made in Turkey and certificated according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100). They only work with companies that have a personal relationship with and that share the same norms and views on quality. 

Hey Honey Sweater

Hey Honey Sport Bra

Hey Honey leggings


Another brand that I really like as well is Mandala, founded by Nathalie Prieger almost 20 years ago. Mandala is the perfect outfit both for work and to workout. The garments are cool, stylish and timeless, perfect combination of sporty non-chalance and feminine elegance. Be it in New York, Berlin or Tokyo – sportswear has become absolutely suitable for everyday use. Already wearing Yoga leggings and a blazer to a business meeting, afterwards briefly slipping into a hoodie and going straight to a sport session – that’s how we like it! They use organic cotton, Tencel, Modal, Merino wool and textiles made out of recycled plastic bottles – by applying these natural fibers and recycled materials, fashion collections contribute significantly towards environmental protection. All the production happens in Turkey and in their own textile factory in Shanghai, where fair pay, high regard and decent working conditions for the workers have top priority. 

Mandala Top

Mandala leggings

Mandala Long sleeves

There are also other brands that are definitely worth to consider if you are looking into this topic. At the moment I didn’t want to overwhelm you with tons of information and I will try to get back on athleisure wear in another post. Teeki is another label that you should checked as well. This American brand is known for its funky and crazy prints and they use recycled fabrics. Definitely that kind of clothes that brightens up also your saddest days!


Text: Margaux Lombard, Januray 17th 2018 

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