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Try this – facial yoga for a forever young skin

How to reboot your skin in 3 steps!

Our skin is a reflection of our inside. And when it come to the face, it’s even more important. Society gives extreme importance to our look and so do we. Especially women – I am not even 30 and I am starting to get so aware of my skin. I need to start thinking about wrinkles prevention, night creams, eye cream and so on. Let’s be honest, the list is quite long and sometimes you can feel so overwhelmed by the amount and diversity of beauty products. Besides the usual amount of water that we should drink (vital for our skin!), the latest trend to have a forever young skin is…facial yoga! More effective if practiced every day, it is extremely easy and can be done quickly in the morning or before going to bed. 

I have been practicing it for a few weeks and it is a quite interesting activity. Definitely cheaper then any beauty products (however, it’s always good to have a good cleanser and moisturizer!) and a great way to start – or end – the day. My advice? I prefer doing it in the morning. Once I switch off my alarm, I usually like to spend some time in bed (I am not a morning person!). Instead of looking at my emails I have started to practice my facial yoga with these three easy steps.

Step 1: Cleanse, tone, and use a hydrator, making sure to gently massage it into the skin.

Step 2: WOW Posture –  the idea is to give the muscles around your mouth a good stretch. This exercise is also very funny to watch. Repeat the word “Wow!” multiple times and you will realise the parts of your face that are sore.

Step 3: The plump up posture – Another mini exercise to work on the facial muscles on the lower face (which includes the cheeks and jaws and chin), this is basically taking a deep breath and circling air within your mouth. Do about 5 reps for each side and you immediately feel a lot more refreshed. 


A4 Facial Cleanser

Oliveda face mask


This Works moisturizer


Text: Margaux Lombard, October 29th 2017

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