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Walking in the forest will change make you happy! © Instagram/brookeellistonyoga

Try this – forest bathing

The benefits of a walk in the woods

Looks like there is a new trend this fall and I am not talking about clothes, but something new: forest bathing. If you have never heard about this activity and are wondering what am I talking about well, you are going to love what you are about to read! #forestbathing, #hiking are the most popular tags on Social Media at the moment.

© instagram/brookeellistonyoga

A quiet walk in the woods or by the sea has become extremely popular, not only for your feed but also for your health. Developed in Japan in the ’80s, Shinrin-yoku Forest Therapy is the medicine of simply being in the forest. Shinrin-yoku is a term that means “taking in the forest atmosphere” or “forest bathing.” Studies have shown that going for a walk into the forest can increase brain cognition and boost our mood, empathy and creativity. It can lower your blood pressure, blood glucose and stress hormones and relieve depression and anxiety. Centuries before the ancient Greeks already had acknowledged the healing power  of nature, which Hippocrates “vis medicatrix nature”. Spending time in nature also helps alleviate the side effects of stress which can include headaches, inflammation, depression and impaired concentration.

Next time you feel stressed and need to get away from your everyday life why not try a forest bathing? The aim is peaceful, mindful immersion and a temporary, restorative escape from our mostly urban existence. All good reasons to take a hike and get out of the city! My personal experience? Last weekend I was going to have a meltdown due to my work, so no better occasion to try this new activity. I switched off my phone and went to the closest forest. The feeling of piece and quietness was unique and I got home full or energy and positive vibes!

Text: Margaux Lombard, October 16th

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