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This robe by Muun even takes you grocery shopping in style © Stefan Dotter

How to – wear a robe outside your home

Think layers, comfort and style all in one!

Robes are one of the oldest documented garments, worn everywhere from churches and courtrooms to boxing rings and bedrooms. Viral pictures of Rhianna on the streets in a printed robe and a glass of wine have proven that the style has come a long way. Imagine a day where you wake up and there is no need to get changed, you could go do your groceries, work or morning meetings with your pajama. Well, let’s be honest – that’s kind of my dream. Unfortunately we are still not there, but there is a breaking news for all big sleepers like me that struggle with getting ready in the morning! I am not talking about pajamas but robes. In fact, there are many more places to wear this fall must have than in the boudoir.

© Burberry

© instagram/stellawants2die


In the past seasons we have seen this lingerie-inspired pieces on the top runways. This season also in the real world and at any time of the day. From blazé Milano’s traditionally tailored take to the more extravagant ones, designers are redefining the concept of robe dressing with a perfect balance between ease and éclat. Imagine a mid-length robe coat that perfectly fits over a pair of jeans; or the effortless look of a maxi robe over a silk camisole and pajama-like pants. Or wrap one around your waist for a sleek and sensual look on top of a cocktail dress. One thing is sure: this home garment is way too chic to be worn only inside!

Olivia von Halle



People Tree

Text: Margaux Lombard, October 10th 

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