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Tuck your hair back and let your earrings shine

Time to show off your ears!

When it comes to getting ready with an outfit, there are two things that I love the most: hair and jewelry. I have had this thing since forever I think – which is quite unexpected in my family since my mother doesn’t wear jewelry. I got my first earrings when I was 7, a pair of small silver dolphins. This is when my passion for earrings started. Throughout the years my taste has changed varying from smaller pieces to the classic ring and quite important ones. What plays an important role when wearing statement earrings is your hair, especially the casual style that comes with a bit of a tuck behind the ears. Overall, the direction is simple—pull the hair back as much as it suits you. To do so you can use some hair spry for hold, it really depends from your hair! Then all you need to do is direct your attention where it really counts: the accessories.

1.The starter statement


This is a classic that never dies and you know you can’t be wrong with it. Not too small, not too big, not quite a hoop or any other shape. They are the perfect option when you want something different but not quite sure what your ultimate direction will be. They’ll never not be in style.


Charlotte Chesnais


Natasha Schweitzer

Melissa Joy Manning

2.The art teacher


This is one of my favorite: especially as I have an old pair from my grandmother that I love. If you feel like thats too much old school, well go for a revisited statement earring that won’t pass unobserved! 

Dinosaur Designs

Sophie Buhai

Saskia Diez

Text: Margaux Lombard, August 10th 2017

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