how to embrace the reality of cellulite


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The bumpy truth

How to say yes to great skin and great cellulite

It’s summer, it’s hot, it’s lovely; cellulite isn’t. Or so we’ve come to think. So every time we bare our skin to rediscover those patches of skin that aren’t seamlessly gorgeous, taught and defined we start to ponder the ultimate cure: Is it the Body Boss method, total sugar abstinence or electroshock treatments? Here’s the answer:  There is no cure. Cellulite is a condition that afflicts most everyone. Babies, models, me. I’ve personally just grown to accept it and have stopped to put insane amounts of money into treatments that don’t really work or come with lasting results.

What is achieveable though, is well kept skin, nicely hydrated, firm and healthy looking. All it needs is a bit of dry brushing, the exhilarating process in which you polish your legs and body with a dense brush. The act boosts circulation, exfoliated the skin and aids the lympahdic circulation. It will not get rid of cellulite. But it will make your skin look good and make you feel well.


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Words: Margaux Lombard

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