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The top 5 sustainable denim brands

A guide to finding your best denim

Denim is as much as save or ruin the day. Save when you’ve got the right pair and it’s perfect whenever wherever. Ruin when you’re looking for a new pair and are overwhelmed by the myriad of options available. We’ve got you covered, though. See below our foolproof guiude for the best of jeans in terms of fit, style and also environmental impact. Because the harsh truth still remains: Denim production can have a massive ipact on the environment and the textile workers due to its water consumption and techniques such as sand-blasting that can cause severe health conditions. Stick withthese top 5 denim brands to be one true denim fan with a clear conscience.

1. Armedangels

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This German brand’s mission is to combine fair working conditions and sustainable, high quality materials with beautiful design. They link temporary street fashion with a sustainable lifestyle. Armedangels offers a three-pronged philosophy.  Reduce impact by using organic cotton and low impact shipping.  Incorporate Fairtrade practices from the harvesting to manufacturing.  And include a give-back component to a program called Pratham that trains women in India to be teachers and provides school materials for them to educate local children. They use certified organic cotton and sustainable materials to create timeless garments.

Armedangels Tilly

Armedangels Marlene

Armedangels Luma

2. Kings of Indigo

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The Dutch label KINGS OF INDIGO creates collections that are mainly made from recycled or organic cotton and processed in a sustainable way. Over 90% of raw materials is sustainable, they work with GOTS certified organic cotton and don’t use any chemicals. In addition to their sustainable materials and production process, Kings of Indigo has a goal: to make quality products with quality going beyond the product itself and the quality of work environment is just as important. 

relaxed fit by Kings of Indigo © PR

The good old skinny © PR

Long and straight fit © PR

3. Acne Studios


Acne Studios broke into fashion by getting one of its most common items right: The blue jeans. To this day they manage to marry both, a contemporary take on demin and lasting style. And they make denim that lasts by using quality fabric and excellent craftsmanship. The good quality and craftmanship are true of all of their collections, the lasting style is a matter of taste when it comes to their catwalk offerings. The company is consolidating its supplier base; limiting itself to a selected number of nominated suppliers in China and Turkey and expanding production in Europe. 

Bohemian chic © PR

Frayed at all hems © PR

The Peg © PR

4. Closed


Closed started with jeans that still are their bestselling product. In addition to the classic Pedal Jeans, that was first produced in 1980 and was based on the uniform of bike messengers, Closed is known for its comfortable chino styles. The brand is manufacturing their collection in a family-run business in Italy. They keep an eye on ecological production processes, which is why they use the “Ozone Washing Process” where water is replaced by the natural ozone gas, a process that reduces the use of water. Since they introduced the stonewash technique that is a well-known production process to date, they are engaged in different research programs to find new and ecological ways of production.

The Worker © PR

Day Historic © PR

Starlet White © PR

5. Cheap Monday


Cheap Monday is strongly engaged in its sustainability transformation. The Swedish brand is trying to motivate its clientele to develop a more sustainable lifestyle together with them. Denim is one of the most important materials for Cheap Monday. However, as conventional cultivation of plants has a negative impact on the environment, the focus of Cheap Monday is on the use of more environmentally friendly materials such as organic or recycled cotton. Nontheless, the brand also strives to find a sustainable alternative for other materials, for example, recycled polyester, recycled wool or Tencel ®. The share of more environmentally friendly materials in the Cheap Monday collections will increase from season to season. While the Spring / Summer 2017 collection already produced 72% of denim styles from organic, Cheap Monday achieved an important milestone with the current autumn / winter collection. The denim collection is made of 100% organic cotton and is now marked with the additional label “sustainable”. The aim of the Autumn / Winter 2018 collection is to produce the entire Cheap Monday men and women’s collections from more sustainable materials.

Mom jeans in light blue © PR

Cutoff boyfriend style © PR

Another classic skinny © PR


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