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The Ilia Beauty Illuminator © Jennifer Endom

Product of the day: The Ilia Beauty highlighter

The one product you need to invest in this summer

As you might have seen, there are some women who always seem to look so radiant, even with very little makeup. How is that possible? Easy. They’re using the right products! From social medias to magazines, you’ve probably noticed that highlighting has created a lot of buzz lately, becoming the must have product for every beauty bag. Highlighters are great for summer because they add new dimension and radiance to fresh, sun-kissed skin. So no better timing to talk about them! Beauty brands are rolling out a new crop of illuminating products that promises to take your complexion to a heavenly state. Illuminating products can help you fake that coveted dewy glow, while also enhancing your features and giving you that “eternal Instagram filter look”! Before running to get yourself one and fall into a luminous goodness, you need to figure out the kind of highlighter that best suits you. Cream? Liquid? Powder? The options are about as extensive as a supermarket pasta selection.

Highlighting the high points of your face for a younger look © Norman Jean Roy, Vogue, July 2008

Among the several brands and typology I have been using I can say that I am in love with the Ilia Illuminator stick, which works as a subtle highlighter, adding dimension and vitality to the skin. I have been using Ilia for a while now and it’s one of the best brand I have ever seen. Read more in our brand portrait. Organic ingredients are combined with healing properties of Rose Hip Oil to bring out your best features. When it comes to cream highlighters, your fingers are your best friends. After applying foundation, sweep the highlighter onto your face straight from the stick and blend in small, circular motions. The warmth of your fingers helps melt the product into your skin for the most natural effect. Make up artist Daniel Martin suggests to apply it on the high points of your face (like cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and the bridge of your nose) that naturally pull light. He shares a cheat trick in case you still feel unsure of placement – “Find overhead lighting and step underneath it,” he says. “Where you see the light on your face is where to place your highlighter.” For a proper demonstration on how to apply it see make up artist Vincent Oquedo tutorial 

Ilia Illuminator – Polka Dots and Moonbeams © PR

Illuminator look © Instagram/iliabeauty

Text: Margaux Lombard

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