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The simple truth – about nail polish

What to look for and avoid when buying a new nail polish

Painting your nails is part of a lot of women’s beauty routine, myself included. However, the truth is that nail polishes often include chemicals and are consequently toxic for our health and body. This is not a surprise, considering the unmistakably strong odor that incurs whenever a bottle is opened. Since organic and healthy products have taken over the beauty industry, why not consider the same sort of options for your fingers? Among the several toxic ingredients, the most commons are solvents, plasticizers, adhesive polymers, and other obscure-sounding and foul-smelling ingredients that work to achieve the durable and glossy coating we’ve come to desire. 

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There are three ingredients, also known as the Big Three’ chemicals – dibutyl phthalate or DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde—that are (or were, rather) finding a home in nail polish bottles everywhere. These products are usually used to make plastics malleable (dibutyl), DBP is toxic for reproductive and developmental growth, toulene is found in gasoline and so on. However, don’t panic and no need to throw away all your nail polish since nearly all consumer-available nail polishes are at least three-free, such as OPI, Essie, Wet ‘n’ Wild or American Apparel. There are also the nail polish lines that have gone above-and-beyond to consider. Coming in on five-free are brands like Treat Collection, RGB and Chanel, which remove formaldehyde resin and camphor from their ingredients in addition to the Big Three mentioned above. Since I don’t like to use nail polishes with any sort of ingredients that might be hurting my health or that I don’t know their effects on my body I decided to stop using nail polishes. There are several alternatives where you still can have nice nails – one of these is polishing them, which is less invasive, healthier and can looks as good as a light nail polish!

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