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How to – Do your own detox massage

Try this detox massage that you can recreate at home

Spa and massages have always been on my priority list since I was a teenager. I love the feeling of switching off with the outside world and get pampered for one or two hours. You might be thinking – who doesn’t?! Nonetheless, you might be aware, the same way as I am, that reality is quite different and finding some time off to book a Spa and actually get there is quite rare. Let’s not talk about it if you have kids waiting for you at home, a demanding job or whatever comes up to your mind. Last time I personally had time to book a Spa was more than 6 months ago and doesn’t look like I will be able to go again any time soon. Nonetheless, I have been trying this new thing: the home detox massage. It’s cheaper, it doesn’t require a lot of planning and you can do it at home! Follow the steps to get the most out of your “me time”, your bathtub and the best playlist you have on your phone.

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1.Dry Brush

Any detox massage you will book in a Spa will include a dry brush session – and your home treatment will do the same. Get a dry brush or a dry brush glove and start to roughly rub-down. I like the Mio Skincare Natural dry body brush. It might sound intense, but it’s not. Go up your legs, arms and circles around your abdomen. The back is a bit tricky – I am still working on it, but if you are flexible enough it wont be a problem for you. This first step, the granular exfoliation, will stimulate your lymphatic drainage and get your circulation going. You are not going to loose weight after this, but you are going to feel like you did – the best feeling ever!


Toning time! Get your Susanne Kaufmann Detox Oil Scrub – which I strongly recommend – and massage it until it gets absorbed by the skin. This part is a bit stressful, but that means it’s doing its work. You are getting deeper into the lymphatic drainage section and pushing the physical exfoliation.


This is my favorite part. Get a thick body butter and cover yourself in it. Now you have to wait that it gets absorbed and relax. Walk around naked in your flat for a little while blasting your favorite tune and dancing on the lyrics. Get a hot cloth and remove when you can’t stand it anymore


Take your favorite lifting body lotion. I can recommend the Dr Sebagh Supreme Body Restructuring & Firming Cream. It harnesses potent active ingredients to restructure, firm and contour your skin for an instant slimming effect. This Works firming lotion also is a good one for the cleavage and neck. It’s formulated with Comfrey Root, Cocoa Butter and Jojoba to soothe and moisturize the delicate neck and chest area. Larch extract tightens skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines, while Vitamin C brightens and helps to repair sun damage. Do another intense massage all over your body to lift everything up.

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5.Take the hottest bath ever

This is the most important part of your detox massage. Run hot water in your bathtub, almost too hot and then cool it down. But not too much as the heat is what shocks your system. While it’s still running throw in the water your salt and oil. Sit in it as long as you can resist – you can keep a cold washcloth on ice by your side if it gets too hot and you need some relief. I usually last 10 minutes.

When I get out of the bath which looked like a temporary Hammam I feel like a meditation guru that just came out of a temple. Calm and relaxed.

So here you go – enjoy your personal home turned into a temporary SPA!

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