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Fit Ballet is the new training to try after Easter! © Instagram/candiceswanepoel

Try this: a fit ballet class

The perfect post-Easter training

Like every year after Easter weekend, which entails 48 hours of dinners with family and friends, I feel like a big human easter egg. Nothing bad with it, I love spending time with my close ones and most of all I love chocolate! Until when I realize at the end of the weekend that I need to open up my jeans otherwise I am going to explode at any time. Since I am a quite sporty kind of person jogging, pilates and yoga are always on my daily agenda and part of my routine.

Fit Ballet ©

However, what I recently discovered is fit ballet. My old friend from California introduced me to it and sold it as the “revolutionary form of fitness”. Fit Ballet is a mix of fitness, dance and cardio with some pop, rock or electro music on the background. After having my first lesson I can guarantee that it actually is a fun way of training with the aim of getting a toned and slim body. Definitely something to try out if you are looking for an alternative to yoga or cardio. My favorite part? The outfit, which included leggings and tight t-shirt. In fact, it is really important to be able to see the muscles exercising and contracting properly, as well as the shoulders posture. You have to remember that this training gets its roots from ballet, including its rules, control and discipline. If like me you have always wanted to be a ballet dancer but already at the age of five your parents realized you were not really made for it, here your chance. Get your bag, pull your hair up for a bun (definitely a must) and put your tight clothes on! You will definitely feel like a dancer for a few hours. 


Live the process jumpsuit © PR

Live the process body © PR

Live the process leggings © PR

Live the process top © PR

Live the process leggings © PR

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