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Try this – Make sleep your number one priority

5 good reasons for doing so

Are you a sleepy head? I know there are some people who get by with five hours of sleep, but I am certainly not one of them. I literally love sleeping, and need it, too. I get panicky if I know I will have less than eight straight hours of gorgeous sleep. Anything less and I know my brain won’t work properly the day after. But even if you aren’t as mad about sleep as I am, you should probably start to pay attention to your sleep because it’s beneficial for your productivity and for your health. Here are the top five reasons why you should be getting some. Read on and then snore away!

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1. Your immune system 

Your immune system benefits greatly from getting enough sleep. We all know that a good nights’ sleep protects you from getting ill. Several studies have shown that our immune system works best when we get adequate sleep. In addition, studies have proved that people with insufficient sleep respond worse to vaccinations.

2. Memory

A good night sleep has also positive effects on your memory and its consolidation. A good night sleep after learning new information will fasten the learning process. It has been proven that when subjects are allowed a night’s sleep after learning new information, they perform much better on testing than those who did not. This refers to factual, declarative and procedural memory. 

3. Weight

Stop the dieting and get better sleep instead. Studies have proven that it’s easier to lose weight when you sleep enough and well. Insufficient sleep leads to an overproduction of the ghrelin hormone, which is the hormone that “promotes appetite”. Good sleep also impedes the production of leptin, an appetite-suppressing hormone.

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4. Your Lifespan

The more you sleep you get, the longer you live. Individuals that sleep less than seven hours average are more likely to develop hypertension, strokes, and heart attacks. As a result they will have a shorter lifespan and wont live as long as people who have a regular longer sleep. 

5. Brain health

Our brain performs several regenerative processes during sleep. The method of neuroplasticity, where the brain forms new pathways and connections, depends greatly on good sleep. Furthermore, clearing out various neurotoxins that build up during the day occur at a rate ten times greater during sleep.

I guess by now you are convinced to binge-watch a little less and sleep a little more? It’s too good for you to not give it a try, I think. And just imagine how well-temperd you are after a good nights’ sleep. If you have a hard time calming down at night time have a look at our digital detox guide (staring at the brightly lit screen of your mobile does not promote sleep, dear) try and make yourself comfy. I’ve gathered a few picks that might help you below.

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