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Suki Waterhouse is well prepared for summer storms! ©Instagram/chintiandparker

How to – stay dry during the summer rain

Summer rain with Stutterheim raincoats

Summer weather can be kind of crazy wherever you are in the world (ok maybe not in Italy or Greece). And when I say “crazy” I literally mean it – one day it’s sunny and then all of a sudden a massive summer storm comes up and you are so not prepared for it…walking around with your nice sandals and shorts. All Berliners know what I am talking about, especially these days that weather has been quite unpredictable and figuring out what to wear can be come a proper nightmare. In the past couple days I keep getting dressed in the morning, thinking ‘Am I going to have to  get completely soaked again today?!’  Since I cannot leave the house with only a jumper I have rediscovered a childhood friend that surely braves any kind of spring weather situation: The raincoat!

Stutterheim raincoat © PR

Stutterheim x Garance Dore © PR

Marni x Stutterheim © PR

Last time I had one I was probably 5 years old – obviously my mother’s tastes were dictating my style at the time  – and obviously it was yellow. I already liked it then and like it even more now. The best think about raincoats? I feel like Debbie Reynolds in “Singing in the Rain”…without getting wet! I decided my wardrobe was in desperate need of one –  or maybe I should say my morning appointments were starting to suffer because of my constant delay. The Swedish brand Stutterheim creates beautiful yet functional rainwear in the highest quality. All coats are handmade using the finest craftsmanship and are characterized by simplicity, functionality and timeless design. They are definitely worth to check. Besides their classic colors, which varies from classic yellow or black to pink and color blocks, they also have had a collaboration with French Blogger Garance Dore and more recently with Henrik Vibskov. My favorite outfit to match my rain coat for these unpredictable days? I like to keep it simple and minimal!

Ryan Roche Knit @ PR

Closed boyfriend jeans © PR

Stutterhiem color block raincoat © PR

Veja sneakers © PR

Friday March 30th 2017, Text by Margaux Lombard

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