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How to – Do a Digital Detox

5 easy steps for a digital free routine

Thanks to technology and digitalization keeping in touch and having all infos at your fingertips has become simple and alluring. But being reachable and in the loop 24/7 thanks to an army of smart gadgets has its downsides, too. We’re more stressed out than ever! If we need to check something we look it up on Google, we stream movies online, we connect with people via Whatsapp – the list goes on and on. What’s worse is: We seem to be unable to detach even when our digital extensions aren’t screaming for attention. If we run out of battery most likely we will have a panic attack! Our addiction to the screens is driven by so called “FOMO” – “Fear Of Missing Out”, a fright that has us staring at our phones every 30 seconds on average. This creates stress, makes us restless and dependent. On average we spend 12h a day online – way too much even if for most of us this is somewhat work-related. But to be honest – even after work we want to be reachable for friends and family and expect them to be, too.

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As a workaholic, I am well aware of the struggle in finding the right balance between being available for work and being able to switch it off. But there is a way of grappling with this “addiction”! It’s called a “Digital-Detox” and is designed to reduce stress by steering clear of too much digi-daze.  Don’t run for your phone now to look for the app – it’s phone free and you can start it now if you want. It is quite simple: Either opt for a technology-free day or even a weekend, depending on your works’ demands. And while you ponder which is right, read up on our step-by-step guide for a quick and healthy Digi-Detox below: 

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Rule 1 – Bedroom must be smartphone, laptop, TV free

We all know how comfortable it is to watch TV in bed or browse the web in your PJ before going to bed. Nonetheless, all devices should be banned from your room. Studies have shown that sleep is less relaxing when you watch TV or use your PC before going to bed. Plus keeping the devices in your bedroom is bad because of to radiations. 

Rule 2 – Use an analog alarm clock

An analog alarm clock will prevent you to keep the phone in your bedroom and you wont spend the first minutes of your morning on your phone. Set a smartphone-free morning routine.   

Rule 3 – Shut down please

First thing we usually do once we are done with our laptop is to close it, entering the standby mode. Instead of switching off the laptop or tablet, they run all day and are always ready to be used. Now that you are doing the digital detox, try the following: once you are done with you laptop, simply switch it off. The re-connection will then be greater because it takes longer and you will ask yourself twice, whether you really need it or not.

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Rule 4 – Leave your phone at home

If you meet with friends or family, go to the bakery in the morning or go jogging in the evening, then leave your mobile phone at home. If you do not have it, you cannot look at it. That feels very uncomfortable at first … but then somehow also liberating!

Rule 5 – Set an offline day

Take a day off from your phone, emails and laptop and stay offline. Spend the day with friends and family, read a good book, go for a walk into the nature or relax in the bathtub.






Wednesday March 29th 2017, Text by Margaux Lombard

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