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Be no fool, hit the pool © instagram/bowerswimwear

Shop the Look: Bower swimwear

Your local pool will be happy to see you testdrive your new swimsuit

When a while ago Margaux told me she had found a swimwear brand from London and Biarritz that did great ethical swimwear I was pretty psyched. Imagine – the laid back surfer-culture-meets-old-sea-bath-splendor of Biarritz and infuses it with the kind of urban quirk and sophistication London is known for. And Bower swimwear didn’t disappoint. The offer a great mix of bikinis and bathing suits in a color scheme that’s just right – not too vibrant, not to blah either and no bright and tacky patterns anywhere in sight. With the designs you can opt between surfer pro body – quite revealing – or downtown demure with a little more fabric for a more covered look.


Fruit punch! © PR


My idea of a tangerine dream © PR


I’m having an orange crush 😉 © PR


I know that Margaux can’t wait for the sun to come out and play so she can testdrive her new onesie bathing suit – the Fitzgerald one piece in Breton Blanc – she’s actually already gone ahead and wore it to, ahem, take her Valentines flowers for a walk ( or the bin, if you ask me). Admire her bravery (it’s stlll freezing in Berlin) but also admire the snug fit of this suit. To me it looks like this a wave-proof piece of clothing that’ll stay put in style no matter how big the waves. If you’d like to see more of a selection head straight to our shop and for an insight on what makes Bower ethical read up on their brand portrait!


Here's living proof: You CAN wear a swimsuit while it's still freezing! © FAP

Here’s living proof: You CAN wear a swimsuit while it’s still freezing! © FAP

Then again – lazing on th ebed in your new swimsuit is also an option ©instagram/manondurin

Then again – lazing on the bed in your new swimsuit is also an option ©instagram/manondurin


Text: Alex Bohn


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