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Your old denim doesn't fit anymore? Giving it away helps it to a second life and children to an education © PR

Try this: Donate your blues

Give away your old denims to help children in Uganda get a school education

KOKOworld, an initiative for ethical fashion based in Poland, is asking denim lovers to send in their old and discarded denim until the end of March to then repurpose them into an upcycled denim collection. During April the remakes of your old jeans will then be auctioned off to raise money for the school education of children living in a foster home in Masindi, Uganda. All you have to do is send in your old denims – whether it’s pants, shirts, skirts or jackets – to the address below and then sit tight and wait to see the project unfold.

The KOKOworld team collects old denim to help children in Uganda © KOKOworld

The KOKOworld team collects old denim to help children in Uganda © KOKOworld


A child in Uganda making soap-bubbles © KOKOworld

A second life for your denim, a school education for children in Uganda

KOKOworld is part of the Fashion Revolution Poland and works with the Fair Trade Koalition to produce transparently. During April the progress of the upcycled collection will be featured on the Instagram and the auction will be done from the beginning of April. If you’d like to know who the children at the foster home are that will benefit from your denim donation have a look at the Window of Life Foundation. If you feel this is a cause to get involved in raid your closet and find those denims hiding in the back corners. You can send them to the adress below: KOKOworld, ul. Slusarska 9/332, 30-710 Krakow POLAND




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