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When your silk foulard becomes your favorite accessory ©Instagram/savannarr

How to – wear a silk foulard like you mean it

The silk foulard isn’t for my grandmother and Brigitte Bardot only!

I like fashion month since it gives me an excuse to fly to Milan and Paris and also because it makes one of the best opportunities to pursue one of my favorite pastimes: People-watching! This season around one trend caught my attention – the reappearance of the silk foulard. The list goes from stylist and blogger Tina Leung to Olivia Palermo who both wore it in a lavish knot around the neck, to model Yumi Lambert who used to accessorize her bag and Leandra Cohen who wore it as a head scarf.

Olivia Palermo @ Instagram/oliviapalermo

Leandra Cohen @ Instagram/manrepeller

Leandra Cohen @ Instagram/manrepeller

So if, like me, you own a fine silk foulard that reminds you of your grandmother, now is the time to bring it on. I got mine as a present for my 18th birthday and was even tempted to sell it because I could think of no occasion to wear it to. It seemed too dressy, too old-fashioned, too not me. Now that fashion month has taught me to know better I’m not only excelling in ways of how to wear it, Im also happy to share my newly acquired skills with you. Here’s a how to on my two favorite ways of wearing it:

The belt ring

The foulard belt is a really easy alternative to a classic belt and a fun way to upgrade a basic outifit. First step, you need to fold the silk foulard in order to make it a thin stripe (belt loop size will be enough). Then you have two options: You can use a ring or loop and tighten up the extremities or you can close it with a double knot if your prefer. I usually never have a ring for the closing part, so I opt for the knot – which gives it a kind of effortless effect!

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 7.56.05 AM

How to knot a Hermes scarf ©


The belt ring with final knot © Fair-a-porter

The off center bow

The off center bow or how French would call it – “cravate fluide” – is easy and 100% classy! The only challenging part is maybe finding the right length. First, take the silk foulard from one of the corner, pass it around your neck and make a knot. When you do the knot, remember to keep two different lengths. Once this is done move the knot on one side and here you go! You can play around with the length here. I personally like it when its not too long – stomach height is my favorite.  

How to knot a Hermes scarf ©

How to knot a Hermes scarf ©

Knot around the neck © Fair-a-porter

Knot around the neck © Fair-a-porter

One of the biggest advantage of silk foulards is that they look good with anything – the secret doesn’t lie in what you wear your silk scarf with, but what scarf you use. A colored printed one is perfect for a casual style. If you are looking for a more minimal look you can go for one color scarf or 2 toned. What I love about silk foulards is that they are very easy to wear and it makes a huge outfit difference.  You might feel like a flight attendant or the Queen of England at the beginning, but give it a try and you will see how nice and easy they are! So it’s time to have a look in your mother’s or grandmother’s closet and see if you can find some vintage piece worth to keep and style it up. If you didn’t have any luck in this – we have some pretty suggestions for you here!



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Stella McCartney

Filippa K © PR

Filippa K © PR


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