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Artist Sonya Dyakova used a quote by writer Silvia Plath © Sonya Dyakova

Riposte’s Women’s Day posters

Posters to remind you that International Women’s Day is every day

I just came across this story at Dazed Digital: A series of of art posters done by six different artitsts dedicated to International Women’s Day. This was initiated by Riposte magazine in response to an incident last year, when in Senator Elisabeth Warren was silenced as she read a letter from Loretta Scott King on the senate floor to criticise the nomination of Sentaor Jeff Sessions at Donald Trumps’s attorney general. Warren then hit back and went on Facebook Live to finish the letter – and this became a symbol of persistence in the fight against inequality.

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Three posters from the “persist”- Series

Danielle Pender, the founder of Riposte magazine then came up with the idea to use the term “persist” as the subject for the poster series done by Lakwena Maciver, Lynnie Zulu, Paula Scher, Sonya Dyakova, Top Girl Studio, and Tracy Ma. The posters are for sale now and the proceeds go to Women for Women.

The other three motivs from the persist" series of Riposte magazine

The other three motives from the persist” series of Riposte magazine

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