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The power of olive trees

WHO… Oliveda was founded by Thomas Lommel. 20 years ago, he found himself in the middle of a life-crisis that he self-treated with the magical power of the olive tree. He then ventured out, with the passion of the forces of nature coursing through him, to successfully found a holistic oriented company centered around the legendary power of the olive tree. From this emerged the Olive Tree Therapy and the basis of an entire line of luxurious Bio-Active Cosmetics: OLIVEDA.

DOES WHAT… Oliveda produces skincare and beauty products. The main difference between OLIVEDA and other cosmetics is its potency. Infact, thanks to a complex biotechnological process in harmony with the olive trees and nature, OLIVEDA has been able to replace the standard 70-percent water-base of other cosmetic brands with the cell elixir and hydroxytyrosol complex of the olive tree. Hydroxytyrosol is a powerful antioxidant that has been part of the diet of populations from the Mediterranean Basin for a long time. It is only more recently that the traditional Mediterranean diet has received an increasing amount of attention for its effects against heart disease, certain cancers, skin ailments and a good number of today’s stress and ageing related health problems.  

…WHERE Lommel began to develop his first elixir for internal use, with great idealism and even more passion while living in his olive tree house in Andalusia, Spain, intuitively and based on the cell sap from the olive leaf. In the practices of medical practitioners, the holistically acting and counterbalancing elixir, with the power of a 1,000-year-old olive tree, had an immediate and resounding success after just the first applications.

AND HOW IS IT ETHICAL… The combination of the powerful elixir, hydroxytyrosol complex, ancient herbal recipes, and plant synergy makes OLIVEDA products a highly effective, high-tech line of natural cosmetics that offer much more than just perfect care for each skin types and perfect protection against free radicals. 


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