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Timeless and feminine clothes empowering women and artisans around the world

WHO…  Founded by American designer Marissa Maximo, Anaak derives its name from the Filipino dialect Tagalog’s word for “child”. Marissa comes from a painting and textile design background and many years of experience in fashion. As a director of apparel textiles, she traveled for design inspiration and has worked with artisans across the globe to develop fabrics. This led Marissa to become a director of concept and color—strategizing brand trends, print and color direction. A solo trip to India’s gave her the opportunity to slow down and start thinking about a way to weave her travels and love for artisans into a more tangible and intimate story. And thus began the dream of Anaak.

Marissa Maximo ©

DOES WHAT… Anaak is the bohemian inspired fashion label that’s elegant, beautifully made, easy to wear, and sustainable too, form the organic fabrics to the women artisan groups Marissa Maximo employs around the world. Looking for the purest materials and the highest quality craftsmanship, and, while modern in design at the same time, Anaak is made using traditional processes in the most sustainable way. Everything is made by hand with natural dyes, and Marissa hopes to empower women by giving them work and keeping their traditional crafts alive in an age of fast fashion.

Anaak S/S 2017 Collection © PR

Anaak S/S 2017 Collection © PR

Anaak S/S 2017 Collection © PR

WHERE? Most of the pieces are handmade in small productions by women artisan groups in India and Bolivia. Founded with a commitment to support the livelihood of artisans in rural areas, the label has developed direct trade with a hands-on approach to expand business opportunities within local communities. personally visit each remote village and inspect working conditions. Anaak focuses on relationship building, particularly with women in rural areas, ensuring each worker receives fair compensation. They only work with people who share their values in creating garments ethically and sustainably

Local worker carefully warps each yarn through the loom © Instagram/anaakcollection

Handwoven fabrics © Instagram/anaakcollection

…AND HOW IS IT ETHICAL? Anaak is committed to empowering local craftspeople, especially disadvantaged women, and preserving ancient textile techniques through ongoing partnerships with non-profit organizations in India, Bolivia and beyond. Each piece of Anaak clothing is made with natural fabric ensuring it’s breathable even for the hottest climate. Every item embodies a refined ease; a fresh take on relaxed, beach-ready style. Each piece is uniquely made with custom-dyed fabric and a focus on detailed hand-stitching in soft-to-skin material. Anaak collaborates directly with each and every worker and makes every effort to use natural fibers from cotton, wool, alpaca and silk. Dyers use azo-free, eco-friendly vegetable dyes, spinners handloom organic fiber into yarn, printers block-print patterns by hand onto the fabrics and embroiderers stitch each of the garments with their distinctive patterns. Because artisan-made products take much longer to produce, founder Marissa Maximo says it’s difficult to work on a strict fashion calendar. But instead of scrapping the system and doing it her way, she simply works even further ahead. 


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